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The following describes our recent experience and success with internet marketing in our own businesses. 

Internet Marketing South Coast NSW 

Way back in the late 1990’s we began marketing The Bower with the ‘best of breed’ tools [that we could justify] for building websites, e-newsletter systems, and all the various elements necessary to gain a significant share of natural [or organic i.e. un-paid] website traffic.

This worked and was OK as far as it went, but in each case, we had to research the market for each element of our overall solution and then integrate it into our pre-existing website platform. This proved to be very time consuming and naturally we ran into various obstacles and pitfalls along the way.
After 10 years of working on the site [including a cosmetic “revamp” by a professional webmaster/graphic designer, we have been quite happy with the on-going return on investment from the site.

However, during that time, we observed many businesses attempt to transition their marketing efforts into the online world with a very high rate of failure. Therefore, we set about studying what made a few businesses succeed in the online world while so many others failed. As we began to accumulate this information,we saw the opportunity to share and discuss this with other people who were interested in getting business results from their on-line businesses. Pretty soon, this led to us being asked for advice on how they could “fix my website” to attract more traffic and Targeted Internet Marketing Services was born to provide a consulting service to assist these businesses to succeed with their electronic marketing strategies.
We also observed that the various local Tourism bodies were steadily evolving their processes and systems to move toward this new internet marketing model. However, the scope of these organisations was to promote tourism and accommodation within their local government boundaries and hence their branding was necessarily limited to promote the advantages of their particular district, rather than the South Coast as a regional destination. Meanwhile, a number of private companies had developed websites to promote the South Coast generally [with varying levels of success], or a particular element of the Coast such as South Coast rental accommodation.
We felt that an opportunity existed to develop an online business for the South Coast region that is designed to promote packages of specialty experiences, including but not limited to an accommodation component and a range of activities and services to meet the guests particular interests and needs.
In other words, one great website for tourists that brings it all together in one place, and will ultimately enable the guest to make all of their travel arrangements and bookings for accommodation, activities [and if applicable transport] within the one booking system interface.
We decided to do this with a personal touch, based on our own research and experiences within the region and giving the opportunity for both previous guests and visitors to the region as well as local tourism businesses to add content and details about their own experiences and/or their offering to the visitor or guest.


Australian-based successful digital marketing strategy

Business Overview:     


The Vision:

  • This project is based on world’s best practice concepts, providing optimum ROI.

South Coast Web Development … 

Have you experienced any of the following? 

  • Information overload about where to start with building a website/Blog 
  • Emails ‘Missing in Action’ in cyberspace 
  • Hoax email warnings !! 
  • Online threats like SPAM, phishing attempts, spyware, adware, viruses, online scams, sites with adult content and identity fraud. 
  • Managing group emails and making sure they actually get delivered 
  • Missing Files or emails on your computer?
  • Not sure if you can believe the web traffic claims made by directory sites?


If so, you’re not alone !

We’ve been wrestling with these issues [and more] ever since we started using PC’s and Windows software in the last century !!

Online technologies are evolving at an increasingly rapid rate! Are you one of those businesses that is finding it a challenge to keep up with the fast-paced, global world?

Individuals and organizations can benefit from our 35+ years of experience in designing and implementing technology solutions and successful internet marketing platforms. This can help you to get the best return on your investment in your internet presence.

South Coast Web Development … [Continued]

Some common questions are: [click for more info]

  1. What is a Domain Name ?
  2. What sort of Web presence do I need ?
  3. What Tools do I Need ?
  4. How do I know if my traffic stats are good, or not ?
  5. How do I know if a directory site is worth listing with ?
  6. Google Page Rank – Why it matters ?
  7. How can I maximise returns from my web investment ?

Here’s what one of our clients said: 

“In a small business like ours time is money and we can’t afford to pay extra for administrative assistance. Since we reviewed our marketing strategy with Mark and selected and published the website solution recommended by Targeted Internet Marketing Services, more than half the enquiries we’re receiving are now coming in by email, giving me the time to answer them properly without interrupting production during the day. Moreover, with email enquiries people are happy with a turnaround of 48 hours, whereas before, when they phoned me on the mobile, they wanted an answer [or a quote] right off the top of my head. Also, the quality of the enquiries improved because people have a much better idea of what we can offer and are “pre-sold” on our service. Therefore our revenue has increased quite dramatically” 

Tim Pakis, Director, Australian Timber Naturally

Here’s another new business website built by TIMS that’s already achieving good search engine positioning and therefore generating significant and steady growth in web traffic. 


If you are looking to engage an SEO company for your website.. read these Google SEO tips first, before you do anything else, then check this Facebook community, and if you’d like to, contact us!

South Coast Web Development … [Continued]

What is a Domain Name ?

A domain name provides a unique identity on the Internet.
Think of it as your address on the Internet. It relates to an IP Address and is how your web site is found on the Internet. The domain makes up part of the physical address example

Many businesses register a domain name purely based on their business name [or brand] which is fine as far as that goes. However, this course of action [alone] may limit your scope for maximising search engine visibility to your target market.

If you would like advice and assistance in checking the domain names available to you, Contact Us at South Coast Web Development or phone 02 4471 8666 for a no-obligation consultation.

South Coast Web Development … [Continued]

 What sort of Web presence do I need ?

From our experience at TIMS South Coast Web Development, small business and non profit web site requirements fall into 3 main categories:

  1. Basic “electronic brochure” web page[s] that simply displays your information [mainly to the people who know where to find it by name, mostly your existing members or clients] 

  2. Content Management System websites that is integrated into an existing network [maybe a community network or a national peak body e.g. for a sport or franchisee network for businesses] that generates interest and traffic by the volume of other users that are participating.
    The sophistication of this can range from a single page e-brochure to a very comprehensive website including e-commerce and a full suite of functionality built-in: For example; Gallery of users community and business websites
  3. search engine optimised site that is designed to attract qualified targeted web visitors that are highly interested in the theme [information] offered within the site and is therefore a fertile source of new business [or membership] growth. 

If you need assistance with registering your website and getting started, [click here to email or phone 4471 8666] for an introductory phone [or email] discussion to determine how we might be able to assist you to get started and make the most of your investment in time and effort.

South Coast Web Development … [Continued]

What Tools do I Need ?

If you prefer to explore and trawl the web yourself, you might save some time by scanning the list below for various software and services that we’ve had experience with and [in most cases] can recommend.

Getting started …

  • Anti-Spam software Spam Fighter – for Spam Filter for Outlook, Express Windows Live mail and Mozilla Firefox or Spam Check
  • Free Downloads
  • Anti-Virus software AVG or Avaste  [uses less resources]
  • Image mani
  • Deciding if you should: Blog or Build a Website ??
  • Finding a really good online Project Management tool 
    If you’re looking for a fully featured online Project Management system, with a full function [up to 2 projects & 10MB storage] starter plan completely free, without the usual time limit. Check TeamworkPM … this  Includes email integration, unlimited users, 256-bit SSL security & time tracking [optional] in free version. Optional extras include a custom domain, Google Drive/Dropbox or integration available in paid versions.
  • Sell thru e-Bay or build your own e-commerce site

Web Hosting And Blogging: “Instant Gratification, Slow Failure” For most small business people, the standard “cheap-quick-easy” message of old-fashioned Web hosting is a virtual sure-fire recipe for failure. Learn the realities of Web hosting today What about blogging? For most (not all) small business people, it is “the new quick-cheap-easy way to fail.” Click here for an analysis of blogging today… if, how and when to use it (or not).

Image Manipulation


Now that you’ve got a beautiful looking website …

South Coast Web Development … [Continued]

How can I know if my traffic stats are really any good ?

While having ‘analytics’ [or site statistics] software on your own website is critical to measure your success. It’s difficult to know if your stats are really very good unless you have something to compare them to …. in other words, how do I know if 50 unique visitors per day/month is good, or not ?

While it is by no means a perfect measure, … Alexa’s traffic rankings are based on the anonymous usage patterns of one of the largest and most global samples of internet users available in the world. This web service enables developers to add high-quality web traffic intelligence directly into their web sites and applications.

This data can be used internally to make business decisions such as where to most effectively advertise, or externally, when prioritizing aggregated information on a web site. Whether seeking the top 100,000 web sites in the world, or the top 1,000 in Australia, the Alexa Top Sites web service allows businesses to gauge rankings for web sites in over 70 countries.

A site’s ranking is based on a combined measure of reach and page views computed over a trailing 3 month period. Reach is determined by the number of unique Alexa users who visit a site on a given day. Page views are the total number of Alexa user page requests for a site. However, multiple requests for the same page (URL) on the same day by the same user are counted as a single page view. The site with the highest combination of users and page views is ranked #1. Traffic rankings list entities at their top level domains only (e.g.

Subpages within a domain (e.g. or subdomains (e.g. are not ranked separately unless they are identified as personal home pages or blogs. For more details about Alexa traffic rankings please see

To join Alexa’s user community and contribute to more accurate traffic rankings, download the Alexa Toolbar at

South Coast Web Development … [Continued]

How can you assess a website ?

On how it looks, or by getting a handle on how many website visitors it actually attracts ? For those of us with limited budgets, the paid traffic measurement tools are out of the question, but there is a free tool called Alexa, that is a pretty good proxy, from a sampling of about 10m people around the world.
In my experience it’s far from perfect, but I find it gives me a much better idea of real web traffic to a site than relying on what the web owner/developer claims. Here’s a link to the tool to see if a claim for traffic numbers is real. See Click here to test if a website traffic claims are real

South Coast Web Development … [Continued]

Click the link to see what Google is saying about how its Page Rank measures the authority of a website, not just its popularity –

Click here for more info on why PageRank matters.

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Facebook Advertising
  3. Running e-Bay auctions on the side
  4. Other affiliate options
  • How to engage your web visitors with a web blog and e-news
  • e-news management – “setting up a system without falling into all the traps along the way”

South Coast Web Development … [Continued]


Maximizing your returns from your web presence

And if [or should we say when] you’ve now got heaps of traffic …

How to make some money on the side with:

If you’re starting to conclude [like I did eventually] that an integrated set of tools that all work together would be a smart way to go, here’s a useful set of downloadable website tools that we can recommend highly.

If you’re looking for a seriously powerful marketing ‘engine’ to automate your sales and marketing processes, you could do worse than look into the following:


If it all seems to overwhelming, [back to the information overload stage] maybe this decision making tool can assist you.

If you’ve read this far, you’re probably quite interested in [maybe driven by ?] how the convergence of technology and marketing are enabling the small and medium organizations to compete with the big guys, especially where they are focused on a niche market. If that is where you’re at, you might like to join this South Coast operators forum which shares information on e marketing and the related topics of interest. Click here for a preview.

Click here to check out a Gallery of users community and business websites

With this system, even if you are not familiar with computers… you can treat the system like a word processor for the web [see suggested approach below]. It may take a little while, but you can do it. Thousands do.

In brief, you make pages and add content to those pages. content management where you control your website.

and a sample new business website that is generating significant web traffic


South Coast Web Development … [Continued]

South Coast Web Development …

Whether you’re a non-profit community association or a small business with limited resources available to tackle technology, we can apply over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing technology solutions [including more than 10 years of successful practical internet marketing] to assist you to get the best return on your investment in your internet presence.

Targeted Internet Marketing Services aka South Coast Web Development

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Specializing in helping business and community organizations to make the Internet work for them with improved results and achievement of desired outcomes.

This involves a 3 step process:

  1. review of the strategic aims of the organization,
  2. specification of the functions required by the organization
  3. development of a strategic plan to implement a targeted marketing program designed to achieve your aims.