Stress and Emotional Wellbeing

  Stress and Emotional Wellbeing

Your physical health is strongly linked to your emotional wellbeing.

Stress and Emotional WellbeingGrow in awareness and understanding as you explore the issues underlying your current stress levels, and learn how to make positive lifestyle changes that enhance optimal wellbeing.

Stress Management
When we feel stressed, our bodies respond with an automatic fight or flee response. In the past, this ensured our survival, but today it can be hard to find the “off button”. Living with a constantly heightened stress response can have serious implications on your physical health and emotional wellbeing.
Understanding the stressors in your everyday life is the key to a more relaxed and stress-free life.
Your practitioner will help you to learn how to identify when those feelings of stress and overwhelm are starting to appear, and offer techniques to deal with them more effectively.
Your Life Story
What is stopping you from living your best life? Through charting your personal biography, and family history, your practitioner can help you to discover recurring patterns. You will be supported to “change the tape” creating a new life narrative, helping you to find the best version of you.
Personal Transformation
Is there something in your life that you would like to change?
Your practitioner can help you to address issues that are troubling you, such as parenting, relationships, addictions, grief, or anxiety. Explore what might be behind these concerns, and develop strategies for change.
Perhaps you don’t have a specific issue that comes to mind. Maybe it’s just a vague feeling that “things are not quite right”. Sometimes it just feels good to be able to talk to someone and feel heard. You might be surprised by what rises to the surface of your awareness as you speak.
Dreams and Body Symptoms
Grow in awareness and understanding by exploring what those niggling body aches and pains might be trying to tell you. Explore messages from your subconscious that are appearing in your dreams, and how they are linked to your body symptoms.

Sessions: 60-90 minutes, $187-$253 in the privacy of your own “Bower” accommodation

Rosalind is an PACFA accredited Holistic Counsellor and Psychotherapist based at Moruya South Head, and offers sessions both face-to-face and online. She can be contacted on 0474 095 432 or via her website