Terms & Conditions – Standard


Notwithstanding our commitment to additional health and safety protocols, COVID-19 is a highly infectious virus and The Company cannot guarantee personal safety. Please see the additional indemnification section below for additional conditions regarding your stay at The Bower. You will be required to verify that anyone in your party, or visiting you in your Bower, can comply with the following

Guests must not have;

For any guest who has been previously diagnosed with COVID-19, they must have been free from any symptoms for at least 28 days and show evidence of having completed the appropriate quarantine.

The Guest agrees to defend and indemnify from and against any and all losses, damages to persons or property, injuries including but not limited to illnesses, the costs or expenses of any kind arising out of or relating thereto to the contraction of the coronavirus infection or COVID-19, occurring during or subsequent to the period of stay.

Cancellation & Refund Policy:

General terms:

Whilst we endeavour to assist with any difficulties you may have with your booking, please understand that The Bower viability depends heavily on advance bookings and therefore we must enforce our cancellation policy as outlined above. Should there be any risk of canceling or changing your booking at short notice, we strongly recommend that guests take out travel insurance cover.